Sunday, March 30, 2014

I don't have orgasms. Is there something wrong with me?

You are not alone. In fact - you COULD be in the majority!

A survey a couple of years ago, organised by Ann Summers (the UKs equivalent to Passion Parties) claimed a whopping 70% of women have never reached a real climax! Hold the phone!!! 80% of those admitted to regularly faking their orgasms.

The same survey also found 76% of women are likely to suffer sexual problems at some point in their lives.

The problem definitely exits here in the states too. In my experience 10% of the ladies I privately consult with at my Passion Parties are seeking advice as to how to achieve that elusive orgasm.

These include mothers AND grandmothers with lifelong partners. Thankfully they have found the confidence to seek advice. But sadly some women never do.

For most women having an orgasm takes practice, and it definitely helps to get some tips from someone who knows how... like me! (Host a party and I can tell you ALL about it!)

Alternatively, Dr Sadie Allison is an expert, and her books are super fun and easy to read. Best of all she includes lots of diagrams so you won't get lost.

A Woman's guide to Sexual Self-Pleasure

  • Over 30 self-pleasuring techniques
  • Over 60 diagrams and illustrations
  • Covers everything from the basics to the more advanced
  • Share tips on a variety of topics
  • Empowers women to take control of their sexuality
  • Educational
  • Practical and easy to follow
  • Serves as a useful guide for anyone who wants to provide female pleasure
  • Learn how to masturbate with fingers or toys

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