Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Take your lover to the candy shop!

I hear this all the time:

My man loves the way I taste - he'd hate me to put edible cream ... "down there" (said with a stage whisper and discreetly pointing a finger south).

Great! Your natural juices are *supposed* to be alluring, both the taste AND the odor. But hang on a minute ladies... you're kind of missing the point. Most men will spend a lot of time in this region regardless. You don't really need anything to lure him there.

But how about the inside of your elbow, or the base of your neckline? And how about that little spot on your back that hasn't been touched in a REALLY long time.? I'll bet the inside of your thigh could handle a bit of attention... am I right?  

There's foreplay and there's *foreplay* to the foreplay.

This is where your edible creams can quite literally spice up your sex life. Here's a fun sex tip for you: Put your tasty gel in 5 mystery places and set your man a challenge! Don't make it easy for him.

By the time he reaches your sweet spot, you'll be more than ready for the main course!!!

Take your lover to the candy shop

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