Sunday, May 18, 2014

Don't y'all have a cream for that?

Ever been to a G-shot party?

Trust me, if you had, you'd definitely know about it.

These days, it seems, there's a party for everything. 'Want a FREE pan? Host a party!! Want FREE mascara? Host a party! Want a FREE vibrator?? You get the idea.

I'm all for a party (you might have guessed).

But I'm still on the fence about the G-shot.... I mean , who really wants such a large prick inside their vagina? 

Um, don't answer that.

So, for the extreme open-minded, courageous, pleasure-seeking, party people out there, you might like to know that there is a new party on the offing...

Want a FREE enlarged G-spot? HOST A G-SHOT PARTY!

What the.... WHAAAAAAT????

Now before you all recoil and squirm in horrific, hypothesized pain ~ it aint supposed to be THAT bad. Just a little pinch (really) in that most sacred of pleasure places.

Right. I can see I have you all convinced. And don't worry if you don't know where yours is, the good Doc will track it down for you. Bonus!!! And to think you were worried your friends wouldn't come to a Passion Party!!

Alternatively, you could try Passion Parties' painless exclusive G-Spot Creme, designed to target and enlarge the G-spot!

Now THAT sure hits the spot!

For more information on G-Spot Creme or any other Passion Parties product please visit Passion Parties by Josie at or you can call or text me directly #512.557.8005