Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Can sex cure a migraine?

Not necessarily..... but an orgasm sure as Hell can!

There are many studies surrounding this question, all of which are somewhat inconclusive. The problem is this; the question of SEX is inconclusive. Most of us are having it, but we're not all necessarily experiencing the big O. Then we're either fibbing about it, or we're just simply clueless that there is more pleasure to be had from sex.

This lack of sexual awareness is skewing the data somewhat:
SCIENTIST: So Mrs Brown, you had sex during your migraine but it didn't seem to help the issue?
MRS BROWN: No. It made it worse.
SCIENTIST: Pretty mediocre sex was it?
.....but of course she doesn't ask that.

FACT: During an orgasm endorphins are released. Endorphins are the body's personal stash of opiates and they have the ability to block pain.  

The bigger and better and longer the orgasm the more effective this method is as a pain reliever. It also makes sense that the more orgasms you have, during your migraine, the more natural doses of painkillers (endorphins) your body receives. Experiencing an orgasm is way more pleasant than taking an Ibuprofen ~ and get this; you can't O.D on too much pleasure!!!!!

Unfortunately, a headache is probably the number one reason a lady will give for not wanting to have sex. As cliche as it may be, any migraine sufferer will understand why:
When I'm experiencing the blinding pain of a migraine, I'm just not in the mood for sex. Sex is the LAST thing on my mind...
No problem! If you really don't feel like touching or being touched then don't! Who said anything about sex with a partner??

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Treat yourself to an almighty, all powerful bullet to hold against your clitoris and buzz the pain away....
"An orgasm a day keeps the doctor at bay!"
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