Sunday, April 13, 2014

Flex it, girl!

How many of you ladies out there can't even sneeze without peeing in your knickers just a little? (I know, right! Isn't that the worst?!)

Don't you wish you and your bad self could do THIS:

..... at your local trampoline house without raining on your toddlers' parade!

Well you CAN!

It's time to start flexing your PC muscle. Isolating your PC muscle is as easy as one, two, pee! Try it mid-pee. Stop the flow for a second, then restart and stop. You're doing kegels! Now practice your kegels over and over. The best thing about kegel exercise is you can go about your everyday business and no one will know you're in the middle of an intense vagina workout. We all know women are fabulous multi-taskers ~ you've got this, girl!

(TIP: Every time you stop at a red light SQUEEZE your vagina until the light turns green. That's one helluva kegel!)

There are a variety of balls to help you flex this mighty muscle. Clenching onto a ball makes you work that little bit harder for it - trust me, you're not likely to let go of a Ben-Wa ball if you're out running errands. (That's right mamas, you better think twice before you let your kid pick up that stray marble at the grocery store..... )

Start strengthening TODAY ladies and before you know it you will be orgasming more frequently and more intensely than ever before.

And fellas.... You're welcome.  ;)

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